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Tech-Talk for Kids
(1st Edition)

Mar 4, 2023





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Kids are the future of advancing technology, and developing creative and critical thinking is so important at an early age for awareness. Where the world is progressing at its pace for a better future, let’s create awareness and such thoughts to make our contribution amongst these kids too.

Did we know? According to the World Health Organization, over 1.8 million people were predicted to die in auto accidents by the year 2020, up from an average of roughly 1.3 million in 2012. Over 90% of incidents were the result of driver error, which might include tiredness, impairment, or distraction?

While airbags and seatbelts were passive safety measures designed to save lives after an accident, there’s further a need for active security with driver assisted applications like detection for collision, or pedestrian detection. There lies a future in leaps for a better and safer world with the aid of technology.

Who is the course for?

Are we learning advanced technology for self-assisted driving with this workshop? No, but why not let kids know about how these innovations and technologies work and exist? This series of Tech-talk by Hippocampus, aims to explain these technology trends to school-going kids in a way they understand better!

With this webinar style In-person workshop kids would have fun & learning at the same time, Hippocampus is initiating and welcoming all kids from the Greater Area of Toronto (GTA) to join us and learn some coolest technology trends.

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Got more questions, don’t hesitate, and Team Hippocampus is call away!

Team Hippocampus Contact: 647-894-4776 | info@hippocampus.ca

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