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Robotics Saturday School for kids 

RoboRookies Weekend Academy

Explore the world of Robotics in our Saturday School 
Age 5+ years

What is the RoboRookies Weekend Academy?

RoboRookies Weekend Academy is an innovative and dynamic educational program designed to ignite the passion for technology, robotics, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) in young minds. It is a place where children aged 5+ come to explore, learn, and create, all while having a blast.

Why RoboRookies Weekend Academy?

✅ Age 5+ years kids are welcome.

✅ 3-hour deep dive into robotics every Saturday.

✅  Tailored for primary & middle school prodigies.

✅  Hands-on building, programming, and innovation.

✅  Led by experts passionate about molding the next generation of tech leaders.


What will students learn?

Build: From understanding components to creating a functioning robot.
Innovate: Encourage imagination, turning wacky ideas into robotic realities.
Connect: Be a part of a growing community of young tech enthusiasts.

Hippocampus Curriculum

Course Duration


Mode of Delivery


Session Breakdown

4 Sessions / Month

  • Hippocampus curriculum is organized as a way for students to explore different genres of creative expression and form while developing familiarity and fluency with computational concepts and practices.
  • The curriculum is developed keeping in mind the long term goals of learners and to provide a path for transitioning to more complex text-based programming languages.
  • Our expert group of tutors present concepts in a fun way with lots of examples to make sure students understand the programming concepts and learn to apply the concepts.
  • Students are engaged with Kahoots quizzes and group projects during the course.
  • Regular reviews and feedback sessions provide students great insight into their learning journey with Hippocampus!



In-Person Batch

Mode: In-Person

Program Fees = $171.73 / Monthly

Duration: 4 Sessions/ Month & Total 40 Hours

Includes: Course Materials & Tutor Videos, Guide Live Chat


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