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We are an innovative coding platform that’s as easy to get your kids to learn to code and unleash their creative ideas in no time! 


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We are pioneers in providing quality training to students in the field of Robotics and Coding. Our goal is to create the problem solvers of tomorrow. At our centres, kids learn to code while building their games in a fun and creative mode, gradually boosting their analytical and logical skills.

We have programs that start from Grade 1 and proceed up to 12th grade. 

Our integrated learning experience and tailored curriculum coupled with best-in-class virtual platform and highly expert educators will provide your child with the most effective way to learn coding and robotics.

Building coding skills allows children to meaningfully understand and work with the technology that is driving the world around them.

Learning coding teaches children key skills applicable to any field of study: 

  • Problem-solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity
  • Resilience
  • Math

Coding presents a large opportunity for a career choice, but even if a child chooses not to pursue Computer Science the skills they have developed will provide them with an advantage in any workforce.

Yes, access to Hippocampus,Learning Center online learning spaces is controlled by passwords.

We recognise that kids come from various understandings and skill sets. Our instructors are specially trained to teach your child, who may be at beginner level and help them achieve the program objectives. Moreover, our curriculum is personalised and flexible, which can be tailored based on the student’s needs.

We offer the most affordable fee package. Check Programs for each course fee details.

Yes, we offer a 10% discount for 2nd and 3rd siblings for our  


We believe in utmost transparency .There’s no long-term commitment with  Hippocampus, our class plans are month-to-month, you can cancel your plan anytime with a month’s notice. 

Absolutely yes! You are welcome to sign up for a free 1-hour introductory coding lesson before signing up. Besides assessing Hippocampus, you also need to ensure that students are interested and enjoying the class and that we are the right fit for their needs. As a part of the trial class, we will assess and recommend the right program and level for your child based on age and previous experience.